Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Off to Solvang we go and birthday!

Tomorrow Vito is 7 months old. Happy early birthday bubs!! Here are a few pics I took just to show how big he's getting. He's so handsome. :)

This past weekend Vito, my boyfriend and I headed off to Solvang and Santa Barbara for the day! I actually remembered my camera this time so I have pictures.

We walked around a little and ate breakfast at Paula's Pancake House. My mom used to work there a long time ago, so that was fun. Anyways, pictures are more fun!!

Mom! Where are we going?!

Do I look like Gene Simmons?

Pft, it's only fair I get something to eat while YOU eat.

Statue of Hans Christian Anderson

Some door we found.

The best picture! In front of Andersen's Pea Soup! hehe!


Denise said...

Were you at Paula's Pancake house on Avenue of the Flag or in Solvang.

I almost walked over from the camp ground Sunday for that same picture of Veto in the Andersen's Pea Soup

Kasey and Blitz said...

AWWW! Vito is so adorable!! I love him!! He just looks so goofy all the time. Can't wait to get him!