Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please take a second to pray

This is not doggie related, but I wanted to share about an incident that happened in my life.

I was in a relationship with someone for 4 years of my life, from the time I was 16-20. When you've been with someone that long, it is inevitable that you're involved with their family as well. For 4 years, I had a second family. A family that was welcoming, gracious, and kind. And even though I haven't seen them for 2 years or so, I will always, always care about them.

The father was riding his motorcycle about 1.5 weeks ago when a truck came over into his lane. The truck didn't see him and struck him. He flew off his bike and something happened with his helmet, where he suffered a traumatic blow to his head. He was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery to release the pressure. He was in an induced coma for the entire 1.5 weeks.

Just yesterday it was discovered he had no brain activity. He would be in a vegetative state, and if he ever came out of it would have the capacity of a 2 year old. Even that chance was slim. After much thought, he was taken off of life support last night.

I just got word of his 47 years old.

Please pray for his family. He has a wife, and 3 boys...2 of the boys are quite young. This is just so devastating.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Off to Solvang we go and birthday!

Tomorrow Vito is 7 months old. Happy early birthday bubs!! Here are a few pics I took just to show how big he's getting. He's so handsome. :)

This past weekend Vito, my boyfriend and I headed off to Solvang and Santa Barbara for the day! I actually remembered my camera this time so I have pictures.

We walked around a little and ate breakfast at Paula's Pancake House. My mom used to work there a long time ago, so that was fun. Anyways, pictures are more fun!!

Mom! Where are we going?!

Do I look like Gene Simmons?

Pft, it's only fair I get something to eat while YOU eat.

Statue of Hans Christian Anderson

Some door we found.

The best picture! In front of Andersen's Pea Soup! hehe!