Friday, June 27, 2008

puppy play

Here are some pics of Gus and Vito from this past weekend. I didn't know Vito even had that much energy in him. 24/7 play time! I'm pretty sure he was bummed to leave. Oh and enjoy my cheesy comments.

Gus: Aarrrrrr, I got your head!

Vito: Oh ya?! Well take this!! That's my arm you butthead!

Gus: I have crazy eyes and I'm coming for you!
Vito: Well I'm going to jump on top of you and get the neck! Ha!

Gus: Ok, well I'm tired..can we sleep now??
Vito: Yummy, your fur in my teeth tastes good!

Vito: Ok...I guess....we....can...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 months

I haven't updated in awhile (obviously). I was so busy with school I just didn't have a chance. But I had been reading everyone else's blog and thought I should give an update! I know, about time right?

Vito has grown a TON, although he is still smallish for his age. Ever since we had him we were fighting horrible stomach issues. He had (sorry to gross you all out) diarrhea a lot. He was losing weight and it was hard to take him out much. Any little bit of excitement would upset his GI tract. But, after many chicken and rice switches we started putting tylan powder in his food. He has been doing great since then! Vito has a super stomach now. Hopefully he will grow out of it and we can get him off of it.

We went to open house this past weekend at GDA. Vito did great with all the other doggies and distractions there. We competed in the puppy trial...which included walking through his favorite part time snack, mulch (bark)! He did good though! The only thing that was too much to handle was the crumbled up dog biscuits on the floor he had to ignore. Ughhh.

I forgot my camera when we went to the open house. But I took some after pictures. Can you tell he was just pooped?? I woke him up to take the first pic. He wasn't happy.

This weekend we are going to visit my brother, his fiancee, and their GSD puppy Gus in NorCal. I will take tons of pictures and update then! I'm sure Vito will get to do a ton of fun stuff.