Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vito was groomed for his first time today. The fur on his paws was out of control. Doesn't my boy look so handsome?! Don't mind the cheesy bandanna they put on him, lol.

I also added some pics of him sleeping in his new vest. We are still working on getting used to it. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Well Vito is back to his crazy self! The hardest part of neutering him was trying to keep him quiet. He was getting cabin fever being locked up in the house all day with no running time.

The silly puppy decided to chew one of the strings off his GDA bib so he got upgraded to the big boy vest yesterday!! It is huge on him, and he keeps trying to rub up against things (people included!!) to get it off. I'm feeding him and walking with it on to get him used to it. Yesterday we also went to our first movie. That was quite an experience. Lets just say Vito is a chow hound. Down stay + yummy popcorn/who knows what on the floor = bad combo. He got something gross and sticky on his head and I had to cut out a little chunk of fur, hehe.

My little kiddo cousins are here and we are going to Seaworld on Saturday, so this morning I dropped him off with Joanna. Her Camry is in for the last part of breeder evals (good luck Camry!!). We are going to meet up at graduation on Sunday, which my whole family and I are excited about. I always cry at these things too!!

Here are a few pictures from this past week. They are from my phone so they aren't the best. Sorry!!

Mr. Conehead himself. We think he looks like Marvin the Martian, ha.

My little cousin playing with Vito in his crate. I love this one. :)

His first outing at the movies in the big boy jacket

Friday, July 18, 2008

Well the good news is, Vito is home! Yaaaay. The bad news? He is pretty miserable. He did great for the first 5 hours or so I picked him up from GDA. Now he is going a little crazy trying to get at his stitches. He does listen to a firm 'leave it' and gives me this sad look. My poor boy.

His e-collar is also a little too small. He can just barely reach the incision so I'm going to have to go out and get a new one. He doesn't seem to really care it is on either. Eats, plays, and drinks as normal. :)

Tammy at GDA did say that he was extremely stressed out being alone for 16 hours. Apparently he was barking a ton and ripped up his bedding. Vito has never ever destroyed bedding, towels, etc. so that was kind of odd. When I picked him up he was hanging out with Sarah in her office. Everyone just loves him and Vito didn't want to leave all the affection!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Before work today I decided to take a first trip to the outdoor part of the mall with Vito. Then we went and had lunch. He had been to the Simi Valley mall before, but our mall has a little more stimulus, I think. We only walked around for a little, it was too hot out. But, he did great! He only pulled a few times...and it was because he heard some sort of weird bird that freaked him out. He went on his first elevator/parking structure trip. He looked a little confused but just looked out the window on the elevator. The elevator in Borders scared him a little bit though. It has no windows and it shakes/creaks a lot. But overall, his confidence is getting better. He didn't want to stay under the table at lunch though, so we fought a bit on that. :)

Tomorrow Vito goes into GDA to get neutered. I've been giving him extra kisses and hugs. I'm going to miss him running around the house for a few days.

Where we goin' mom??

Sit by a statue of a little boy

Whew! It was hot out there!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Working hard? Or Hardly working?

I think Vito really enjoys working with me. Maybe a little too much!

This past weekend I puppy swapped and had Blitz at my home for a visit. It was my first time puppy swapping and it was a lot of fun! Blitz is an awesome dog and it is really cool to see the differences between dogs, especially since Vito is only 5 months old. We took him to Disneyland for a few hours in the morning while it was cool out. He did amazing! Even Cruela liked him.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

D-day has been set...

Vito is set to get neutered on July 17th! Well, for now. Only one of his testicles dropped so it has to be checked with the vet first.

I haven't told him the news yet! I wonder how he'll take it...

By the way...if anybody is interested in puppy sitting this cute little bundle of puppy July 26th and 27th please let me know. Thanks!