Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is it about night time?

Our journey began a week and a half ago. I had been anxious for a puppy, but it came so fast. Probably 3 weeks after my home interview with Karen. Vito was with another family who had to relocate after having him a week. Which, honestly, worried me. What if he is a terror?! But that he definitely is not. The call from Louise was unexpected and wonderful. Having only 4 days to plan and I was out of town 3 of those days.
I knew that taking on a puppy would be a lot of work, but Vito seems to have never ending energy. Hence his new nickname, 'Little Monster'. Good thing he knows his name or it may have confused him. :) But what is with the overwhelming energy in the evening?! He's so sweet, calm, and playful during the day. Then Hyde comes out and all hell breaks lose. Maybe he is part werewolf? Who knows.
I am thrilled to post about our journeys throughout the next 1/1.5 years. Here is Vito the first couple days we had him. What a chubbers.