Friday, October 17, 2008

Evals and other things!

I knooow, it has been so long since I updated.

Well, Vito goes in for evaluations on November 4th! Exactly when he turns 9 months. He has to stay at GDA until the 7th. I'm really going to miss him.

We haven't really done much the past month of so. Unfortunately, I've been sick a lot lately which has kept us home. I found out I have a nice sized gall stone and have to have surgery to get my gall bladder removed. Ugh. We scheduled the surgery for the same day Vito goes in for evals, so we know he will be getting all the attention and exercise he needs. Especially since I will not be able to give it to him for at least a week. So, if anyone would like to possibly puppy sit the two weeks after surgery that would be great.

Of course, November 5th is the puppy meeting with the Halloween costume contest. I am VERY sad we won't be able to take part in it!! I was REALLY looking forward to it.

I'll leave you with a picture of Vito I took with my cellphone. He is extremely sad about the Dodgers losing the is obvious right? lol.