Thursday, December 11, 2008

I completely forgot to update after Vito's evals.

Well, Vito was career changed during evals. He just was not happy doing guide work, and I saw it. I was stressed out because I knew he was stressed out. It was not a good thing for him, and guide work unfortunately was not in his future.

BUT, I am in his future! I am way too attached to say goodbye to my little man. He is flourishing as a pet. I have taught him a lot of tricks and we work on his manners. He is so food motivated he makes it easy. Plus, he is just so smart. We are working on testing for his CGC, and from there will get involved in agility or rally.

We cuddle every night in my bed and life could not be any better. I wanted to puppy raise again for GDA, but I am attending UC Davis next fall, so a move is in my near future.

Vito says Merry Christmas!


Lisa and Ellie said...

I'm sorry to hear Vito was career changed - but am thrilled he's your forever dog. Sounds like he's enjoying a life of leisure.

Denise said...

I finaly asked Jessica if Vito was CC as most of his siblings were also cc at evals.

So glad he is doing good at being your forever dog. Hope to see you raising for GDA again soon.

Colby, Derby, Stetson, and Linus said...

I'm sorry Vito was CC'd. It sounds like he's having a good time as your forever dog. Did you hear anything about Violet? She's in the same obedience class with Derby, but we didn't see her at our Christmas party.

Frank Lozano said...

There are so many amazing stories about these dogs I am happy yours will become your forever dog. I am just amazed on how incredible all the people are that I have met associated with GDA. I have been doing research on Guide Dogs of America for the past month and a half as I have just completed a documentary short film about PUPPY RAISING!!! It's like a really big family, and the dogs are amazing. They are like children!!!

I am not sure if you heard about the film I made? It's called GUIDED, A TAIL OF LOVE and it features Bob and Pam English who now run the monthly puppy raiser meetings in Sylmar. They are just fantastic. And I would love to make this a longer piece soon.

I entered it in a film festival competition for the 168 FILM PROJECT. The festival is on April 3, 4, 2009 in Glendale. I would love for you to come and support GDA at the Festival! Bring your "VITO". :)

Check out my website for more details and congrats on the breeding! When is the next litter due? I would love to film it.

Frank Lozano
Director of "Guided"

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Sorry to hear he was CC, sounds like he will have fun being a house pet though!

Toby's Trainer
SEGDI Raiser